Washington D.C. Tidal Basin

My family was fortunate to be able to visit our nation’s capital right at the peak of the cherry blossoms during spring break of 2016. My oldest brother Fred and his wife Bonnie generously opened their home to us, inviting us to stay and also going with us on several days to visit the National Mall, enjoy some great dining, and ride the MetroRail around D.C. They live south of the city near one of the rail stops which makes commuting in very convenient. On other days we visited the National Zoo, Arlington National Cemetery, and we took a drive over to Annapolis to visit a friend in Severna Park, Maryland.

Trip Photos 

Check out these select photos for a quick taste of what we enjoyed seeing during our trip.

These Google album links contain all of the full resolution photos from our trip.

Day 1 - The National Mall 

We wore ourselves out on this picture-perfect day walking the mall and around the tidal basin, visiting as many monuments as we could. The yoshino cherries were at the peak of their bloom.
National Mall album

Day 2 - Smithsonian Museums 

This was our first visit to the Smithsonian’s and we knew we’d never see it all in just a day or two. We focused on natural history and air & space since we thought our sons would enjoy them the most.
Natural History

Air & Space

Day 3 - Annapolis and the National Zoo 

One of our former church pastors from Sarasota moved to the Annapolis area so we arranged to drive over and meet her for coffee in Severna Park. We toured her new church and really enjoyed catching up. We were sad to leave so soon, and also sad we didn’t have time to walk around historic Annapolis, but heck, we were zoo bound! Yes, we got to see the baby panda who was putting on a cute show for everyone while rolling on his back playing with his bottle.

National Zoo

Day 4 - Arlington National Cemetery 

As my oldest brother Fred is retired U.S. Army and guided our tour through the National Cemetery this day, we had a particularly enjoyable visit. As is often the case, at least two services were ongoing during our morning visit, and we also enjoyed learning that this property once belonged to Robert E. Lee, who essentially forfeited it when he chose to lead the south during the Civil War.
Arlington National Cemetery