So, how is J.T.?

Well, I’m doing great! Thanks for asking.
James Taylor headshot
Early in my career I was presented a “Jack of All Trades” award which I though was pretty cool. It was just some silly clip art inkjet printed onto cardstock, but I knew it was significant because of who presented it to me. Twenty-five years have passed since since then, and I’ve continued to fill many roles for my employers. I find it to be a two-sided coin: One side suggests that I lack specialization in a particular area. But flip that coin over and it reveals I’m diverse and a quick learner. I feel that because I’m dependable and determined, my employers and co-workers have found me to be indespensible.

All of that to say…
I’ve spent my carreer growing and adapting. Born in Florida and raised on a small farm in Appalachia, I earned a degree in ornamental horticulture from Clemson University and continued my education at LSU, earning a masters degree in landscape architecture, and after years in the workforce transitioning to urban design and planning. All the while I’ve been curious and continuously tinkering with computers. It seems that in every workplace I end up being “the IT guy.” That’s ok. I strive to incorporate the benefits of technology and automation into much of my work.

This website is an outlet for me to express myself and represent some of the varied projects I’ve taken on. Perhaps you’ll find some of it useful - I hope so. Mostly the site itself is yet another hobby project.

I’ve enabled the Disqus commenting functionality on the blog posts - mostly to learn from prospective readers who may know more about these subjects than me. I’m happy to correct errors identified, but I’ll not tollerate rudeness. Read my community commenting guidelines.

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James C. Taylor, AICP